Auxilien, a.s. (joint-stock company), deals with the use of electric boilers for purposes of power balancing in the power transmission system, effective utilization of surplus electricity from renewable sources for heat supply, support of the heating sector and application of new technologies and procedures in the energy sector.

Heat Accumulation in Electric Boiler Application:

Increasing CHP Plant Control Range to Provide Ancillary Services

Auxilien specializes in extending the control range of combined heat and power (CHP) plants for the purpose of providing ancillary services to the Transmission System Operator (TSO). To meet this purpose, specially adapted electric hot water or steam boilers fitted with special control system are used. Such boilers connected with a turbine generator or installed separately change their power output depending on immediate needs of the plant or the transmission system operator. More information can be obtained upon request.

Electric Backup Heat Sources

The Auxilien hot water or steam boilers can be used as backup heat sources. Their advantages comprise the ability to start from switched-off state to full load within a few minutes, high control ability within the whole output range, emission-free operation, low maintenance requirements and favourable purchase price. Their operation is not time-limited. Their advantage also consists in the ability to run even in case of interrupted natural gas, coal or any other fuel supplies.
The ideal choice is a combination of the electric boiler as a backup heat source and as a part of the system designed for provision of ancillary services from the plant. It is also possible to use the electric boilers for peak operations in case of an unexpected heat demand or outage of any other process equipment.

Fuel Cost Optimization by Electric Boiler Application

At the time of low electricity demand or unexpectedly high electricity supply from renewable sources, electricity is cheap and at some moments, it is even possible to be paid for its consumption. It means that at such moments, the heat generation from electricity is advantageous, and the heating plant may reduce the output of its gas-fired boilers or other heat sources and achieve significant fuel savings.

In case the electric boiler in conjunction with a turbine generator provides the transmission system operator with ancillary services, this option is particularly advantageous because the provider will be paid for the ancillary service, electricity consumption and, in addition, the provider will also gain heat free of charge and will thus save fuel costs.

Heat Accumulation in Electric Boiler Application

If a heating or a co-generation plant does not have sufficient heat storage capacity in its heat distribution network, it is economically advantageous in many cases to build storage tanks. It pays to do so in case of plants with an uneven heat supply during the day, and furthermore, in case of plants whose operation is advantageous only for a few hours per day (peaking plants) and over the rest of the day the heat is supplied from the storage (accumulator). The storage tank is suitable in combination with the electric boiler because it is possible to inexpensively produce heat when it is advantageous and later utilize such heat for supply to the heat network when needed.
Auxilien is able to design and deliver storage tanks both in combination with the electric boiler and separately.

Patented Technologies:
Auxilien owns the utility models for “Control range extension” in many countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany) and has applied to the European Patent Office in Munich for granting the European Patent and has also applied for the Euroasian Patent and Patents in many other countries.

Auxilien is intensively engaged in the research and development to continuously improve the used technologies and achieve the best possible technical and economic results.